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I can only imagine the hope it would provide someone dealing with family or friends suffering from mental illness. Even if you are blessed to not deal with mental illness there are so many practical strategies that could be used for any struggle. In this life we will continually be faced with challenges, and I’m thankful for those that are willing to openly and honestly share theirs to provide hope in the midst of valley.” ~Jen

Carole is an amazing storyteller, but I also never thought of her story from her family’s point of view. When I saw her husband wrote the forward, I thought “Oh no I forget we are all in this together”. Her story is amazing and it’s so new and so relatable. We all have things in our marriages that we think we are the only ones going through it and then you read something and breathe a sigh of relief that she survived and so can I. This book was an easy read that hooks you in and you can’t put it down. I recommend it to anyone going through something or giving it as gifts to people you know that need some reassurance. God is so Good!” ~Jamie

For the person who is struggling with mental health or the person who is watching another struggle, this book will refresh your soul and lead you back to hope. Carole is an artist who paints a masterpiece with her story.” ~Erin

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