Finding joy when life gets messy!


Lynn Bradshaw - Bakersfield, CA

Carole is a gifted speaker that I’ve had the privilege of working with on multiple events from Retreat, to being a guest speaker for ministries we have geared towards Moms, speaking at an event with over 400 women of all ages. No matter the audience, Carole has a unique way of being able to connect quickly and easily with the women through her testimony.  All the while weaving in God’s unshakable Word as a beacon of light. Not only is she gifted in this area, but working with her is pure joy.  She has a contagious passion for sharing the Gospel with women, equipping women for this messy (not so perfect) life, and leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Pam Rozell Agee - Fresno, CA

“We all have a story; not all of us tell our story. God is using Carole’s message of transparency to encourage women to be real, and she uses her story to encourage other women to share their stories and to overcome the pride of portraying a perfect life. We are not alone in life’s battles; we need each other. Carole speaks the truth in love and with joy, and you will be blessed if you invite her to speak to your group.” 

Val Mercy - Littlerock, CA

Everyone is raving about our Spring Tea Speaker, Carole Leathem. We always have good speakers, but she was well received. They commented on her natural down to earth, vulnerable presentation. She did a great job of sharing personal experience and tying it into Bible truth. It was excellent! 

Teresa Dennis - Hesperia, CA

Carole did exactly what I asked of her - create an engaging, interactive presentation regarding spiritual warfare. Carole was excellent at communicating with me as we prepared for the event. Carole was on time, flexible, professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Carole Leathem! 

Debie Deschaine - Fairfield, CA

Carole is a genuine and engaging person and speaker. She is tuned in to God's voice, sees his hand at work, and is quick to obey. Her life experiences and God-driven responses to those experiences are inspiring and show her devotion to God and her knowledge of his word. Carole is the epitome of joyful living in the Lord, and her life and speaking exude her joyful attitude! 

Leda Brockman - Green Valley, CA

Carole has a genuine ability to open up and to present her message using her own experience, and therefore people relate and connect with her. 

Nancy Wilkerson, Hesperia, CA

Carole engages those in the audience with a wonderful sense of humor. Her relationship with God comes through loud and clear. 

Kate Neighbors, Bakersfield, CA

Carole captivates you with a confident presence and an infectious smile that draws you in. Her life's journey coupled with a dependence on a loving God shines brilliantly through her words. 

Janie Stump, Nashville, TN

It is inspirational to hear the stories of where Carole has come from and the trials she has endured. Christ has used these experiences to shape her into a woman who shares His love and strength with everyone she meets.